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Team Tournament is a PVP Team vs Team(5v5) Competition

You Compete against your own Timezone (PST, GMT, HKT, EST, CST)


Cross Server Happens once Few Months

Sign Up: (2day)

CS tournament


  • You Need 5 players to create a team 4 or less WONT BE ABLE to Participate


Preliminaries: (1day)


If you Made it passed Sign up, you will Enter Preliminaries where you will Face off with your Server, for Top Team

-Winners will represent your Server (1st and 2nd Ranked Teams)

-Losers will not play, but gain a reward (3rd to 12th Teams)

-If there is 1 Team only, You Auto Win

1st Rule: Battles will Begin at 13:00 and End at 18:30, Rewards can be collected from 18:30-24:00

if you Fail to collect your Rewards it will be Sent in Mail (Dont Worry)

Battle Mode Rules: Each Battle 2 Teams will go head to head till 1 team wins (Scheduled)

(Advanced PvP) Players will Face (1 vs 1) and where they are Assigned in Team formation (it can change)

Every Victory By Player you regain 5% HP (1 vs 1)

If you a Player wins 3 in a Row that player will be restrained for the whole fight, and other players

Victory: if you defeat all Players or more than opponents team (5 to 0, 4 to 1, 3 to 2)

Teams that Win vs Opponent: 3points

Teams that Lose vs Opponent: 1points

Without an Opponent: 0points

2nd Rule: 1st and 2nd Teams will Progress, the Rest will Leave
Prelim Ranks 1-2 Chest
Prelim Ranks 3-12 Chest
[Draw]: After Victory you Draw for a Bracket (Fail too it will Auto Bracket you)

Group Match: (2 Day)

Group Match

-Congrats you made it pass Prelimaries

-Once you reach here you will be Assigned Group Bracket

-Group Bracket Ranges from A to P

-Same Rules as Before but something New

-Group Match is a 2day part


Additional Rules:
[Cheer] Allows your Server to help you, Cheer gives +1% HP, DEF, ATK per 1point
[Inspire] Allows 1 Self to increase his stats, +1% HP, DEF, ATK (like Cheer) [Limit 15%]

Cost: 10 Voucher per Attempt

1st Rule: Before your Scheduled Fight, you can [Cheer] and [Inspire]
2nd Rule: Top 4 Teams in each Bracket will Progress to Knockout Round
Auto Victory: if there isnt enough Teams, you will Progress if you are in the top 4 (Alone or not)
Server Round Rewards:
Group Round 1-4 Server Chest
Group Reward Server Elim. Chest
Partipation Reward:
Group Round Ranks 1-4 Chest
Group Round Elimination Chest
Additional Rewards (for participation +Victories)
Group Round Participation Chest
Group Round Victory Chest

Knockout Round: (1day +Final Day)

Knockout Match

-This is like Domination

-Rules are the Same as Group Match

-You May Wager who is winner of the Team (Rewards will be distrubuted

-The Teams that are Chinese Named are "[EMPTY TEAMS]" Meaning you Skip another to Next Round (You are lucky if you get that)

-There are 2 Divisions in this one, once it goes to the Last 2 Champions they will go Head to Head for the Final Battle

Schedule Time:
Top 64: Battle off at 13:00 Server time
Top 32: Battle off at 15:00 Server time
Top 16: Battle off at 17:00 Server Time
Top 8: Battle off at 19:00 Server Time
3rd Placers: Battle off at 14:00 Server time (final day)
Champ and 2nd place: Battle 16:00 Server time (final Day)
Benefits to Wagering
You Win you get x2 Winnings
Losing you get 1/2 Winnings
Wagered Gifts:
[Wager]: 100 Voucher or 200 Diamonds
Top 64: Rare Stone Chest x2 (for winning) x1 (for losing)
Top 32: Rare Stone Chest x2 (for winning) x1 (for losing)
Top 16: Rare Stone Chest x2 (for Winning) x1 (for Losing)
Top 8: Rare Stone Chest x2 (for Winning) x1 (for losing)
3rd Placers: Rare Stone Chest x2 (for winning) x1 (For losing)
Winning/Losing Against Teams
Winning gives 2 Gifts (Server Ranking +Ranking Rewards)
Losing gives 1 Gift
Server Ranking Reward:
Knockout Server Round of 64 Chest
Knockout Server Round of 32 Chest
Knockout Server Round of 16 Chest
Knockout Server Round of 8 Chest
Knockout Server 3rd Place Chest
Knockout Server 2nd Place Chest
Knockout Server Cham. Chest
Ranking Reward (When Your Team is Wins or Loses)
Top 64: Knockout Round of 64 Chest
Top 32: Knockout Round of 32 Chest +Excalibur Emblem
Top 16: Knockout Round of 16 Chest +Bloodlust Emblem
Top 8: Knockout Round of 8 Chest +Immortal Prince Emblem
3rd place: Knockout 3rd Place Chest +Hades Emblem
2nd Place: Knockout 2nd Place Chest +Purgatory Emblem
Champion: Knockout Champion Chest +Death Shadow Emblem
Individual Rewards for Victories:
9 Total Wins: Knockout 9 Victories Chest
18 Total Wins: Knockout 18 Victories Chest
27 Total Wins: Knockout 27 Victories Chest
36 Total Wins: Knockout 36 Victories Chest
45 Total Wins: Knockout 45 Victories Chest
54 Total Wins: Knockout 54 Victories Chest "Flawless VICTORY"

"Congratulations, You Still have More to go in this game.. Enjoy the Rewards"