Element Training there are 2 Types:

  1. Elemental Attributes Known as " Hero Element Training"
  2. Element Know as "Element Training" #2

Hero Element Training

Element Icon

Element Attruibutes Gives the User Both Element RES and DMG depending on which Element you choose to max

Element Trainning
Element Training
Things you should know
*Important* Focus on 1 Element at a Time

Result: when you reach 20, 10star the Element Locks

*SEE Picture for Understanding*

Costs: 10x Normal 20x Advanced 50x Ultra
Main Requirement: Element Crystal
Normal: Low Chance for +1 High Chance for -1

Advanced: High chance for +1 Fair chance -1

Ultra: High Chance for +1 Low Chance for -1

Best Suggestion: Advanced

Max Power:

Fire, Ice, Electro DMG: 45,300

Fire, Ice, Electro RES: 29,500

Battle Rating Gained: 224,400

Full Cost Range: 20k to 150k (From Advance to Ultra)

Element Training

Element training icon

This is Similar to Hero Element Training but you get Cores, and Build your Core Stats

You Will Need to go to Element Zone and Get Your Element Cores

Element Menu

Main Requirement: Element Scroll Each 10 Levels will give you 1 Level towards your Unique Skill

Element Cores

Unique Skills

Summary for Leveling Element Growth

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