GM means Game Moderator, or Game Master part of LoA a VERY HIDDEN PART, where not many know but a alot of accounts are able to play on it to this day

-Secrets were Uncovered July 4th, 2015 (due to a bug that kicked many players to many Servers, causing them to start to Lv 1, and Many of us made it to the GM server a Group of Friends)

*Note* Can Be Unlocked by a Player still, a Chrome Bug, from Using other people's Accounts (Against Game Policy) can activate it on someone elses

Whats so Different??


Well the Fact is there are GMs that play this Server, and the CS on this is too Extreme, because its a Personal Server

-Locks all Timezones, and Platforms (so far as known)

-GM Players

-Divine Realm CS competition is INSANE, Population Over kill

-You cannot Buy Diamonds on this server (only if your a GM)

Are GMs Real?

Yes They are, and they dont other players talking to them, unless they come to you so give them some respect, and how will you know when you see one? you will know, trust me


Allow me to show you an Example: this is Demo (a Former GM)

No body Knows where his Stats and GM Gear comes from

its GM made

there are more of these GMs like this one