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Happy Sea is an Event to cultivate bubbles to use to complete puzzles or redeem for prizes.

Sea World

Happy Sea

This is the main part of the Event, you [Increase] the Bubbles to there Maximum Size, [1-Click increase] (100 Diamond) will take them to max or the safest.

  • 80% Discount to [1-Click increase] after 5th increase (of 1-click).
  • [Increase] will increase the Bubbles Size 1-5points.
  • [Max Bubble Size] is 15 points if it exceeds this limit, it will pop, and no reward will be given. A new small bubble will pop up to replace it. (*BUG* it may not give you a bubble)
  • [Collect All] will receive all the rewards that you have accumulated.
  • After all bubbles are gone you get two options. [Normal reset] for 50 Diamond and [Reset x10] for 500 Diamond.
  • Every 3 Hours you will gain 1 [Increase]. Max Number of free attempts is 6.

Normal Puzzle

Happy Sea Puzzle

Personally i dont suggest doing the puzzle its not worth it as well as advanced but who knows you might find it enjoyable to do.

-[Draw]: will open 1 Random piece (or the same piece)

-[1-click] will open up all Pieces

-[Give Up] if you choose to stop, and collect your rewards.

*NOTE* 1 Draw =1 Drawed Step (total of 9 pieces) same piece DONT COUNT

Advance Puzzle

Happy Sea Advance Puzzle

Same rules as Normal Puzzle but more expensive and much bigger.

Deep-Sea Secrets Shop

Deep-sea Secrets Shop

Many items available in the shop. Common Bubbles and Colorful Bubbles are used as currency for the shop.

List available here: Deep-Sea Secrets.

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