It is said that there is an ancient tree in the world. People who bless it will get good luck. For hundreds of years people call it Lucky Tree. Many years ago, when the dark forces attacked this land, it disappeared from people’s view. No one knows its location. Now Lucky Tree is discovered by angels. They bring it here, and hope to help you get luck and power!


- Players get 1 free attempts daily, VIP Level 4 and above players get 1 more free attempt daily.  

- Blessing the Lucky Tree will earn players personal points, Lucky Tree EXP and World Tree EXP.

- Players can only bless the Lucky Tree according to their levels. However, they may view the Lucky Tree loot for other level. 

- The higher the Lucky Tree level is, the better the rewards are.

- Lucky coins gained from blessing can be used to exchange for rewards in the Lucky Coin Shop.

Lucky Tree:

Lucky Tree

You can bless the tree and get the items dropped from the tree. Bless attempt can be bought by Diamonds. 1 Bless = 1 Lucky Tree EXP = 1 World Tree EXP. = 1 Personal Reward Point

*Note* the More you Nectar you use the more Yggdrasil Exp to all Players in the Server, and Personal Exp (Lucky Tree)

-You can gain more Nectar in Hot Events or purchase by diamonds to gain extra Bless attempt.


  • Keep about 500-5000 Nectar (Improved Personal Reward too)
  • Have Everyone Work as a Team Storing 500+ Nectar (Difficult Task)
  • Use 2-4 Alts Character (Multiple account method) with Lots of Nectar
Lucky Tree Levels Nectar Req. Rewards:
Lucky Tree Lvl. 1 5 Nectar Lucky Coin x13-20, Diamonds x30-50, Random Resource
Lucky Tree Lvl. 2 20 Nectar Lucky Coin x10-20, Diamonds x50-100, Random Resource
Lucky Tree Lvl. 3 80 Nectar Lucky Coin x15-20, Diamonds x50-150, Random Resource x2
Lucky Tree Lvl. 4 200 Nectar Lucky Coin x22-30, Diamonds x50-200, Random Resource x2
Lucky Tree Lvl. 5 500 Nectar Lucky Coin x25-50, Diamonds x50-300, Random Resource x2
Lucky Tree Lvl. 6 1000 Nectar Lucky Coin x25-55, Diamonds x100-300, Random Resource x2
Lucky Tree Lvl. 7 2400 Nectar Lucky Coin x35-55, Diamonds x100-300, Random Resource x3
Lucky Tree Lvl. 8 *MAX* N/A Lucky Coin x20-50, Diamonds x100-500, Random Resource x2

Yggdrasil The World Tree:


you will see the status of World Tree EXP. When World Tree upgrades you can collect the rewards accordingly.

Rewards: Change alot Every Time and not the Final Version, or Final Infomation


  • Plan Accordingly to get to Lv 10
  • Have Everyone Work (or Small Group)


  • Once you Level you can the collect Next Reward (Everyone)
  • Every Reset you can Collect Reward (Everyone)
Yggdrasil Level Requirements: World Tree Exp Required 1 Nectar = 1 World Tree Exp
Yggdrasil Lvl. 1 80 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 2 200 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 3 400 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 4 800 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 5 1500 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 6 2000 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 7 5000 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 8 50,000 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 9 300,000 Nectar (Any Player)
Yggdrasil Lvl. 10 *MAX*

Lucky Coin Shop:

Lucky Coin Shop

As you can see, in this shop there are many attractive items and all the items have been classified, which makes a better shopping experience.

Catagories: Description:
Hot Items Newest, and Popular items (Expensive)
Character Angels, Hero
Mount&Fairy Mounts and Fairies
Gems Guardian Angel, Artifacts, Gems, Dragonsoul
Resources Various Resources for all Functions
Equipment Prints, Totems, Artifacts, Amulets

Personal Reward:

Personal Reward

Personal Reward is the Final part of Lucky Tree, 1 Bless = 1 Point

Achieving 2000-5000 points is very hard for most players, Main Strategy is Store Nectar, and Buy Nectar when you can, its not the easiest unless your a Casher (Buy Diamonds, Buy Nectar, Spend nectar, buy Nectar more etc)

Excellent Rewards after 300 Nectar, try for least 2000 Nectar