Prismatic Icon

Prismatic Wheel is an event where players spin a wheel to receive Icon Voucher Vouchers or Icon diamond Diamonds.

Diamond Wheel

Prismatic Diamonds Wheel

[Spin]: 1 Spin = Recharge 999 Diamonds.
20 Max spins per day (19980 Diamonds).

Rewards Chance
Diamond x300
Diamond x500 12.5%
Diamond x700 25%
Diamond x800 37.5%
Diamond x1000
Diamond x1100
Diamond x1500 12.5%
Diamond x2000 12.5%
Diamond x4000
Diamond x20k

data is only from 2 characters, more people's data would help. amount of times received in comments

Voucher Wheel

Prismatic Voucher Wheel

[Spin]: 2 Spins Free, get more by doing events.

The feature to do events and gain more voucher spins is currently not functional.

Rewards Chances
Icon Voucher x200
Icon Voucher x300 (2) 75%
Icon Voucher x500 (2)
Icon Voucher x800
Icon Voucher x1000 12.5%
Icon Voucher x2000
Icon Voucher x4000 12.5%
Icon Voucher x20k

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