Recharging grants gifts and diamonds on top of the amount recharged with real money. Each platform has its own payment methods. Note that to recharge requires parental consent or age of majority (Ages 18+) in some places.

There are 2 main buttons to access recharging:

Money Sign Recharge button

And should you run short on diamonds while making a purchase this handy pop up gives you access.

Recharge menu


Simple Payment Method Debit or Credit card

Facebook's Rewards Selection

Bonus Items: Such as Gold, Vouchers, Blessed Stones can be collected (In-game Recharge Menu which got moved to Hot Events)

$3 +300Diamonds
$5 +500Diamonds
$10 +1k Diamonds +300k Gold +50 Vouchers (Monthly Card activation)
$20 +2k Diamonds +600k Gold +100 Vouchers +100 Soulstones
$40 +4k Diamonds +1mil Gold +200 Vouchers +30 Blessed Stones
$100 +10k Diamonds +1.5mil Gold +500 Vouchers +50 Seraph Stones +100 Element Stones
$300 +30k Diamonds +3mil Gold +1000 Vouchers +100 Seraph, Blessed, Element Stones


Load Kongregate account with Kreds using Credit Card, Paypal, Boku, PaySafeCard or XSolla with it's many alternative payment methods. Spend Kreds to purchase in-game Diamonds.

Kongregate Rewards Selection
50 Kreds (5$) 500 Diamonds
100 Kreds (10$) 1000 Diamonds 150k Gold and 20 Vouchers
200 Kreds (20$) 2000 Diamonds 300k Gold and 50 Vouchers
400 Kreds (50$ for 500 Kreds) 4000 Diamonds 500k Gold, 50 Vouchers, and 10 Soulstones
1000 Kreds (100$) 10000 Diamonds 1m Gold, 30 Stamina, 200 Vouchers, 50 Soulstones
3000 Kreds (300$) 30000 Diamonds 1.5mil Gold, 50 Stamina, 300 Vouchers, 100 Soulstones, and 5 Angel Tears


Various Payment Methods as much as others.
Such as Cards, E-Wallet, SMS billing, Scratch Cards, Local Payment Method

GTArcade's Rewards Selection
$4.99 +500Diamonds
$9.99 +1k Diamonds
$19.99 +2k Diamonds
$39.99 +4k Diamonds
$99.99 +10k Diamonds
$299.99 +30k Diamonds