This is an Old Event Celebrated from the World Cup Series in 2014 a Promotion Event,

Ace Shooter:

Ace Shooting


  1. Select from three directions as you try to score against the goalkeeper. Succeed and win great prizes! 
  2. Each shot requires a Soccer Ball. Soccer Balls can be acquired from numerous Hot Events, purchased, or earned from visiting our Facebook page to participate in the Like and Share event to win free Soccer Balls.
  3. Goals will earn you 3 points and a Winner’s Pack (3 Champion Marks and 1 Goal Chest). Blocked goals will still earn you 1 point and a Consolation Pack (1 Champion Mark and 1 Participation Chest). 
  4. Use the Champion Marks you earn to buy items in the Points Shop.

Rankings Adv. Prize:


Places: 50points 250points
1st Voucher x100 and Soulstone x100 Refining Stone x800, Element Crystal x150
2nd-3rd Voucher x80 and Soulstone x80 Refining Stone x700, Element Crystal x100
4th-20th Voucher x50 and Soulstone x50 Refining Stone x600, Element Crystal x80
21st-100th Voucher x30 and Soulstone x30 Refining Stone x500, Element Crystal x50

Overall Winners:

Places: 500points 1000points
1st Blessed Stone x200, Enchanted Stone x400 Wings of Gold x1, Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x300
2nd-3rd Blessed Stone x150, Enchanted Stone x300 30 days Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x300, Runestone x1000
4th-20th Blessed Stone x100, Enchanted Stone x200 7 days Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x150, Runestone x500
21st-100th Blessed Stone x50, Enchanted Stone x100 Seraph's Stone x100, Runestone x200, Lvl.5 Common Gem Chest

Point Shop:

Shooting Shop
Buyable Rewards
Easter Bunny Soul
Mystical Wings
Lvl. 5 Common Gem Chest
Lvl. 5 Superior Gem Chest
Ruby Herosoul Pack
Lvl. 4 Cherubstone
Lvl. 3 Holy Crystal
Lvl. 3 Common Gem Chest
Lvl. 3 Superior Gem Chest