Attempt Wasting/Skipping Battles (Good/Bad)

This is a Good and Bad Trick, depending on the Function you use it on, if you are getting through Devotion, or need some Hot Event Items

Example: Arena or Clash of Might, if you lose or Win, if you Click FAST (and i mean like 3-10 clicks a Second)

It will skip your Log Battle, but it wont do any harm.. and you still gain your reward

Skipping Battles you enter a Non-Log battle, and hit the refresh button, go to the event you recently on, and repeat till all attempts or gone... (Mostly done in, Zodiac if your lazy, or Team Dungeon which causes problems)

Angel Evolvement Tricks:

Not Many know and Many Feel suspicious, and Rumors say this works to increase your Evolvement chances

  1. Having your Angel Deployed
  2. Clicking only [Evolve] NOT [1-click]

Other Tricks that may Help

  • Using a Perfect Evolve (IT KEEPS your Evolution points)

Raider's Trick: (Found by Randy Mahardika)

  1. do not use little helper for raider use manual.
  2. go inside raider today and use just 1 explore after that leave raider.
  3. keep 14 explore attempt.
  4. before reset server enter raider.
  5. don't go out and don't start explore before reset.
  6. when server reset use 14 explore attemps and all challenge attemps.
  7. go out and enter raider again, and use all attemps today (15 explore and 10 challange from new day)
  8. and you got 29 attempt explore raider and 30 challange attempt do it manual.

Garden leveling Trick (Discovered by Elliot Wilde):

  1. Pick the (S) Gold Plants Lv1
  2. Plant all plants
  3. Water plants
  4. Remove Plants (Eradicate Button)
  5. Repeat Process
  6. Add all Friends possible
  7. Encourage Them to water your garden (20attempts per person) +20 World Tree Exp

*OPTIONAL* Buy Soil (Requires VIP +Diamonds) and Upgrading Soil (Diamonds Required)

Easy Blitzing Trick (Discovered by Many People):

-Eternal Spire use your Blitzes at the End of the Day, they will be Done Early

-Erebus Works the same way as Eternal Spire

Fast Element Training Trick (Discovered by Few Players):


This remained a Secret for a long time, Lots of Veteran Players know this trick, and New Players will ever know till there 1st to 6th month playing, but hey here is the trick

  • When Elemental Training Fire, Ice or Electro Reaches Lv. 20, 10stars the Element Locks (See how Fire is at Lv 20, 10star when its upgrades) it WILL NOT Go Down
  • Advance or Normal is more Effective
  • Average Cost of Element Crystal for any of the 3 Elements about 20k+ or Less
  • Cheapest than Using Ultra and Leveling them all at once (leveling them all will cost Way over 100k or more Element Crystals)
  • Level Cap has been Moved to Level 30
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