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Train Your Heroes, and your Mount to make them Stronger

There are 3 Types:

  • Hero Trainning
  • Adv. Hero Training
  • Mount Trainning

All 3 of these Events do the same thing but with requirements.

Hero/Adv. Hero Trainning

Hero Training

Quick Tutorial:

  • Every 10 Levels of Training will cause Breakthrough
  • Depending on your Quality of Your Hero or Main Character. Will effect the limit of your Training (Example: Pyrona can far as Seraphim Blaze since there both Garnet Quality)
  • After Zeus Opus You can Reach +50
  • after you Reach +50 you will go into Adv. Hero Trainning.
  • Adv. Training max is +64.
  • Main Components: Soulstone
  • 2nd Main Component: Adv. Soulstone
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Mount Trainning:

Mount Trainning

Same as Hero and Adv. Training But the Main hero

Benefits and Restrictions:

Main Skips Adv. Training instead keeps Soulstones
Each Breakthrough Gives Bonus Stats
Some Ruby Heroes are able to go Far as Zeus Opus and Adv. Training
Restrictions: Lv 30-60
Seraphim Blaze (as far as Garnet Heroes can Go)
Odin Force (as Far as Topaz Heroes can go)
Poseidon Flux
Zeus Opus
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