X-Server is a PvP Function its a 3 v 3 Team PvP battle

X-Server War

Event Schedule:

Register Day: Monday Thursday 13:00-23:30
Election: Tuesday Friday 00:00-20:00
Battle: Tuesday Friday 21:00-21:30
Collect: Wednesday Saturday 00:00-23:59

this Event happens Twice a Week

-Once you Sign up you Gain Access to Collect, and Silver War Shop

Rules and Requirements:

-Must be Lv 50+ with 1million BR to play

-You Automaticly get picked by 1 of the 3 Legions and you fight with your team

-3 Legions St. Loei Legion (Red Phoenix) Kerman Legion (Blue Dragon) and The Throne Legion (Green Unicorn)

How To Play:

X-Server Cards

-Objective of the Game is to defeat your Opponents and Mine, and Construct to do more

-Use "Cards" to have an Advantage over the other Enemies

-You Use Mine on Cities, and Places that have "High Perspority" and "Mine Bonus"

-You will have Choices up to 5 Cards to Pick From

Conditions: Every Death will give you 1-3 Cards (by Random) unless your Maxed
Cards: Effects:
Speed (Kay) Move to Captured Town [Limited:5]
Movement (Elena) 10 Movement pts. [Limited: 5]
Recharge (Aphrodite) Heals all Members Removes 2% Battle Fatigue [Limited: 10]
Raid (Pandora) Allows you to Raid Any Enemy Town [Unlimited]
Accelerate (Grace) Reduces Collection waiting time by 50% [Unlimited]

-Suggestions: Go For Center than Corners, 5000+ Prosperity for Argent Core (Best Spot to Mine)

What you can do: Conditions: Effects: Side Effects:
Movement: can only move Town to Town -1Movement pt.
Card Using Anytime you Wish Varies
Attacking: Need to be Next to the Town or use Card Victory or Loss
Using Mine: Gain Ore x3, and Points Need Prosperity 1min cooldown
Using Contruct: Gain More Prosperity Mine Bonus increase
Victory: Winning against Enemy +2% Battle Fatigue (BAD) Lowers Stats
Fail (Killed): Respawn Cooldown 5seconds +1-3 Cards

Area of Zone:

X-Server War (1)
Battle Field Side
Battle Field Lower


City Towns: Prosperity: Takeable? Mine Pts
Kamen 220+ No 100+
The Throne 220+ No 100+
St. Loei 220+ No 100+
Far East:
Chilion 250+ Yes 100+
Sarse City 200+ Yes 100+
Segoiva 300+ Yes 120+
Zaragoza 500+ Yes 120+
Soren City 300+ Yes 120+
Flame Empire 300+ Yes 120+
Argent Core 5000+ Yes 500+
Holtus City 1000+ Yes 150+
Ferdinand 1000+ Yes 150+
St. Koester City 500+ Yes 120+
Far West:
Loire 300+ Yes 120+
St. Michelle City 300+ Yes 120+
Pena City 1200+ Yes 200+
New Swan 300+ Yes 120+
City of Heroes 300+ Yes 120+
Edin City 500+ Yes 120+